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Who We Are

MetTV is a student-run organization, which facilitates production and distribution of video content created by RTA students. We aim to encourage experiential learning and creation by bringing passionate students together on productions, while remaining sustainable for years to come. Read More

Pitch To Us

We’re opening the door for pitch submissions! This means we need you, the brains behind the operation, to provide us with ideas for content, and an outline on how you plan to make it.

Review our pitch guidelines to see what you can pitch and how to present it, then fill out our pitch form.

Submitting Your Own Content

Content that has already been made outside of MetTV’s process can be submitted to MetTV for syndicated broadcasting. The MetTV program director will assess whether the content follows our programming standards. Additionally, it must still maintain a copyright-free status.

To submit syndicated content, email mettv+admin@torontomu.ca with the content attached for revision. After it’s approved, the producer must provide a credits list and short description of the short.

On the MetTV YouTube platform, syndicated content will be indicated with a “Student Showcase” title, which will be defined in the “about” page of the channel. This is to clarify that the content was made without MetTV’s assistance.

MetTV won’t be creating marketing materials for syndicated content, but will add them to the release schedule just like MetTV’s original content. Marketing content will have to be provided for social media by the producer, if they wish for additional marketing.