Haunt Hunters

Episode 1


Dan Bener & Minori Peters

Guest Host
Chelsi Campbell

Julian Quintero, Yash Joshi, Connor Stratton, Geoffrey Lachapelle, Molly Greenblatt, Alice Marin, Ethan Akler
Bayli Iorio-Wilson

Molly Greenblatt, Dev Desai, Jacqueline Soave, Madie Cueva, Rhiannon Corrigon, Tania Habib

Producers – Dan Bener, Minori Peters
Directors – Alice Marin, Michael Rosa
Researcher – Dan Bener
Writers – Minori Peters, Michael Rosa
Location Scout – Dan Bener
Camera Operators – Dan Bener, Alice Marin, Ethan Akler, Nicholas Butorac
Audio Lead – Ethan Akler, Bayli Iorio-Wilson
Audio Assistant – Monaym Rashad
Production Assistant – Monaym Rashad
BTS Photography – Monaym Rashad
Graphics – Monaym Rashad

In the possibly haunted streets of Toronto, two ghost hunters with a passion for the supernatural and an inability to take things seriously are joined by an episodic guest to uncover our city’s mysteries. In our first episode Minori and Dan explore The Creative School’s Faculty building, the Rogers Communication Center (better known as the RCC). They are joined by Chelsi Campbell as the first guest host, as well as their talented crew.