Going Offside

Episode 1


Sammy Brezovsky, Sam Forrest, Charlie Schmiedchen and Sam Weinberg

Writer / Producer – Sammy Brezovsky
Writer / Producer – Sam Forrest
Director / Technical Director – Charlie Schmiedchen
Floor Director – Bev Field
Graphics/CG/DDR – Sam Weinberg
Camera Operator – Ryan Freilich
Camera Operator – Matthew Makkar
Camera Operator – Dev Desai
PA / Art Director – Eliza Taylor
Audio Lead – Sabine Marsi
Photography – Emily Simonetta

“Friends” Sammy and Sam discuss the latest news in the sports world, such as Shohei Ohtani, Michigan and the CFP, and the PWHL’s first game. They do so trying to remain as unbiased and professional as possible. It doesn’t go well.