Welcome To The Show

Episode 1



Anne Langue, Angelica Ortega, Nick Rankin, and Lucas Cooke.

Producer – Rachel MacDonald
Director – Jack Humby
Assistant Director – Aimee Marciniak
Floor Director – Aimee Marciniak
Camera 1 – Morgan Eastwood
Camera 2 – Rob Della Rossa
Camera 3 – James Bottomly
Audio – Marissa Martell
Lighting – Delphine Winton
Graphics – Nathan McDermont
DDR – Gabe Rossitter
Switcher – Hayley Mcnauley
Teleprompter – Connor Fortin

Welcome to The Show! Meet our vibrant hosts who deliver the latest news and amusing TMU comedy. Accompany Anne as she explores the streets of Toronto, engaging unsuspecting locals in quizzes and creating laughter throughout. Alongside a hilarious skit! It’s an exhilarating escapade brimming with amusement and unexpected moments!